So much to do, so little time to write about anything...

Lately, I've been feeling bad about letting things slide.  For instance, I haven't actually written here in so long, and there have been so many things to write about!  Like how great it was to teach at Rhinelander School of the Arts in July. Or how many amazing friends I have who've thrown such fantastic baby showers. Or how great it was to spend a few weekends at the cottage this summer. Or the great places I will be published soon... I never really wrote much about being pregnant and balancing all of these things, which I thought I'd do.  But I guess balancing all of these things meant not having time to also write about them.

And I haven't been just not-writing here, but I've been not writing in general, which I also feel a little bad about.  But here's the thing: I sometimes don't write at all, and I think this is healthy for me.  I often hear people say (and I am sometimes the person who says) that they don't take pictures because they want to experience the moment. This is why I sometimes stop writing.  It feels good to not write and get caught up in a moment instead of being hyper-aware of a moment.  And it feels good when those moments come back to me later, when I can reevaluate them and find the language that never occurred during those moments.  To piece those experiences back together and understand the moment from a new angle and let others into the moment is so much more exhilarating and honest-feeling than trying to find the language for a moment at the moment... Hmph.  So. I haven't been writing lately, but I'm deciding now to not feel bad about it, and I don't feel any less poet-like.

Contributing to my still-poet-feeling, are a few great bits of news:  I have poems coming out in Hayden's Ferry Review, Post Road, and Best New Poets 2013!  I'll also have poems in Echolocations, an anthology of poems about Madison, which will be sold to fund the Madison Poet Laureate position.  I recently had to update my CV, and looking back, I can't believe how much I've done since January, including teaching at SOA, at the library, and presenting at the UW Writers Institute.  I've also read at a few readings and have been to a few great readings and have been working full-time and submitting my work and going to poetry workshops and making dinner and moving and growing a baby... we even bought a new couch (which sounds like a small thing, but it was a pretty big deal. It's the prettiest sofa-sleeper ever.) I guess being exhausted and taking it easy for the last few weeks of this pregnancy is not something I should feel guilty about (so I'm trying hard not to...).
Sofa-Sleeper! Hooray!

Instead of writing, I've been reading in my down time. I'm finally getting around to reading Gone Girl, which is fun, and I'm picking up the story collection, A Guide to Being Born, from the library tonight. It's been so long since I've been so excited to read a book I've never heard of. (Amy Budnitz' Nice Big American Baby was the last book I was this excited to read based on its description.)  Of course, I've also been washing and folding baby clothes and putting the baby's room together and packing bags for the hospital, timing Braxton Hicks contractions to make sure they're not real contractions, reviewing and reviewing the signs of labor, and crossing days off 3 different calendars in anticipation... my down time is never really down, I think.

16 days...



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