I'm actually going to post this!

I've started at least 10 new posts in the last month and a half and have finished none.  Just now, my email bling-sound blinged, and I'm not even going to check it.

So, now I have this sweet new baby, and she is amazing-- she doesn't cry much, she sleeps for long stretches at night (6-8 hours sometimes!), and is the cutest ever (see photos).  Despite how great she is, I can get nothing done.  Start things?  Yes, I'm good at that.  Finish them?  No.

Honestly, I don't even have something I plan to say just now, I'm just impressed with my ability to take these 10 minutes to write words. Like a free-write where all you write is "blah blah blah," because that is really what's happening in your head just then.  But still, you're writing something!  Hooray!  I feel the same when we leave our house on time lately.  It doesn't matter where we're going, but if we leave when I plan to leave, even to go to the grocery store, I feel like I just took 1st place at life-living, and I call people to brag.

Phoebe (now 5 weeks old) and I have been making our way out into the world on a regular basis, which is great.  I took her to the office on Wednesday to meet my work-people, and we took her to dinner at Tex Tubb's on Friday and to Chloe's birthday party at Brocach on Saturday (the smoking ban is definitely the greatest thing that ever happened for parents).

On Saturday, I read with some wonderful local poets, including Cynthia Marie Hoffman, at "Beyond the Water's Edge," a collaborative exhibit of photography and poems put together by the Dane County Watershed Committee and Verse Wisconsin.  The poem in the exhibit, "Water, Water Everywhere," will also be in the anthology Echolocations.  The launch party for the anthology is in 2 weeks-- on November 23rd-- and it will be a great time (I'll be reading there, too, I think?)!  Check it out here.

In other news, my one-handed typing abilities are getting better by the day... OK! That was well over 10 minutes!


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