Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's almost fall?

Last Tuesday I picked up my first pint of grape tomatoes at the Farmer's Market.  In a normal year, by now I would've eaten my weight in little tomatoes.  And while I usually mourn the browning of leaves on trees and long preemptively for the return of spring as soon as the sun starts setting earlier, I can't wait for fall this year. (My first post-baby drink will be a pumpkin beer!) And I'm even excited for winter.  I have a new appreciation for these seasons that really messes with my sense of self and my perspective of the whole world.

Since the last time I even looked at my blog, so much has happened, so much has changed, so much and so little time has passed.  We've been in our new place for a little over 2 weeks now, but I woke up yesterday and finally felt like we live here. Matthew was in the shower and I had to go to the bathroom, so I jumped out of bed and headed downstairs to the second bathroom and thought, "Yes! This is why we moved!"  Everything is still in a state of disarray, though, which really upsets my balance and my crazy-intense nesting tendencies.  C has been away at camp or visiting relatives so often this summer that it won't really feel like home until he's back.

I keep thinking there are only 8 weeks left until this baby decides to make an appearance, which means I lost 2 weeks in the move, because I actually only have 6 weeks left.  I should be packing a bag for the hospital already?  Eek?

And speaking of things that take forever: I've come to appreciate the lengthy poetry submission process, because while I haven't had the time nor the headspace to write anything that closely resembles a poem lately, a bunch of poems are about to be published and a few were just published in Vinyl Poetry!  If you haven't seen the issue yet, you should check it out!  Traci Brimhall's poem is spectacular (as are all of her poems, so this shouldn't surprise you...).