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Well, I had a baby (and other things that happen in a year)

I just read my post from March 2016, and it could've been something I wrote this March. The birds, the rain, the happy-crying... I've always known my biological/emotional/mental states adhered to a rigid seasonal rhythm, but reading that post felt uncanny. A year has passed! Carter will be home from Belgium soon. I had a baby, & he's 3 months old already. We moved to Milwaukee. Phoebe will start school soon. This has been a year of some of the biggest changes with more big changes to come.

When we first moved to Milwaukee in August, we tried to spend as much time as possible with Carter, who boarded a plane for a year abroad in Belgium before most of our things were unpacked. After he left, we unpacked the last of our boxes and worked hard to find our place in the community. We visited playgrounds, community centers, and libraries; got memberships to museums and the zoo; sampled coffee at all of the coffee shops; ate cookies at all of the bakeries. I also tried to embr…

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