Poetry Toolbox-- Parts 2 & 3

It's almost July, which means the workshop at Madison Public Library is coming to an end soon!  While the workshops have been building off of one another, you can still jump in if you haven't attended the previous sessions.  We've been having a great time!

In the second workshop, we:
* read poems and discussed patterns (& how and why repetition works in poetry)
* used lists as a way to break free from obvious language and images
* talked about list poems (like "Where I'm From") and anaphora (poems like "Jubilate Agno")

If you'd like to come to the next workshop, anyone who has written an anaphora-- a poem in which each line begins with the same word or phrase-- or a list poem has the option of sharing, so feel free to give it a shot and bring it along!  We're a friendly group!

On Monday, we'll be reading and discussing other patterns, focusing on poetic forms and techniques like the ghazal and syllabics.

You can register here!!


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