Like a sheep straddled and sheared

I lost balance trying to be too many people. Now, I feel a bit like this ewe.

I felt bad for her at the time-- it was February and cold-- but she seemed to know it meant spring was coming.  Just shear me already!  I'm trying to handle things with as much grace.

Matthew & Carter are both back in school as of last week, and I am not.  (Deep breath.)  In fall, that was fine, enjoyable, even.  I could walk around, and I was meeting new people, and things were happening.  Now, it’s snowy AND rainy.  There are puddles and ice and snowbanks and no people.  I need a project.  Something to do with a deadline. 

A few nights ago, I dreamt that Matthew & I were in San Francisco (I’ve never been), and we walked beneath an arch of vines with huge clusters of cartoon-purple grapes dangling above us.  When I pointed them out to Matthew, he told me I could eat them.  Then, as we continued walking and eating our grapes, we happened upon a whole street of pear trees with equally-upsettingly-gorgeous pears.  We ate those, too. 

Being one person is so much easier with sunshine. I would rather.



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